Mother Black Cap

Norfolk's Finest Progressive Rock

Who are Mother Black Cap?
Mother Black Cap are based on the East coast of England and have been a gigging band since early 2005. The band released their first full length album "In the Comfort of your own home" to much acclaim in 2006 and have followed that up with 2009's masterpiece "The English Way". The highly acclaimed 'Energy' was another 4 years in the making realease in 2013. The band took time out from 2018 due to illness of chief writer and driving force Martin Nico, but now in 2018 with Martin back to full health a new and exciting line up of Mother Black Cap has got together toonce again take their brand of progressive rock back out onto the stage.
Their live show has always been entertaining combining talented musicianship, spectacular light show and video projections, great songs and lot's of tongue in cheek humour.
Their musical style has been loosely described as 'Progressive Rock' likened by critics to a nod form past great such as the Floyd, Genesis, Focus but also influenced by the newer 'Neo Prog'.
The band have built up a loyal following across East Norfolk and have played at festivals alongside artists such as (in no particular order) Uriah Heep, Asia, Focus, Curved Air, Hawkwind, Chas'n'Dave, Echo and the Bunneymen, Tom Baxter, The Bluetones to name a few. They are known in the national prog rock scene having played at London's premier prog venue - the Peel,and for Classic Rock Society and the Cambridge Rock Festival. Their albums have sold to 20 different countries all around the world and are regularly to be heard on internet radio stations and seen in national magazines.

Who are Mother Black Cap?

Martin Nico - Guitars, Keyboards , Vocals
Plays electric and acoustic guitars, doubles up on keyboards for several sections of the songs, writes most of the lyrics, writes a lot of the music, and shapes the whole conceptual angle of the band. His singing however is lousy and he can be a arse to work with...
Bob Connell - Hammond Organ, Keyboards, Vocals
Bob the notoriously grumpy one but he can play a lovely piano, and some great synth playing to - but his true love is the Hammond Organ through a leslie cabinet. This rarely heard beast (usually simulated for convienience these days) in such expert hands gives the band a unique sound. The Hammond is not a clever bunch of electronic wizardry like a synthesiser, it has a soul, it's an organic (pun not intended) instrument that you don't just play - you strap yourself on to go for a ride (quite literally sometimes). If only Bob could remember the chords from week to week he really would get somewhere.....

Andy 'Fizz' Bye - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Despite being on the same musical scene as Martin & Bob since the mid 80's, its taken until 2018 for them to actually work together. Andy brings a lifetime of experience in numerous bands and now admirably takes on the Bass and lead Vocals duties for the band

- Drums